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Well, we have made a good start on our gardening, the weather was lovely yesterday, do I spy the coming of Spring… I do hope so….

First up we checked the compost, which doesnt seem to be quite ready yet, boooo. Oh well, maybe next year…!

Next up, we planted the three peony bulbs, two in the front bed and one in the rockery. We dug a nice deep hole and popped the bulb in, with the fresh new shoots facing upward, and gave them a good water. I cant wait to see how these grow.We also raked up all of the leaves and twigs that had blown onto the vegetable patches. James raked and dug his vegetable patch ready for when the seed potatoes go in.

I meanwhile potted up seeds for: aubergines, two varieties of tomato (super marmande – big beefsteak tomatoes, and rio grande – plum tomatoes), giant sunflowers, romano peppers, sweet basil and lettuce (lollo rosso – red leaved variety). These will now stay in the conservatory and be watered each day until they sprout into little plants big enough to put into the ground. The sunflowers will be grown against the back of the garage to try to disguise it a little.

We also had a little walk around the garden and already we have snowdrops and crocuses sprouting through. The Helibores are budding and we have tulip and hyacinth bulbs coming through. The hollyhock and lupins that I planted last year seem to be doing well and shortly we will need to think about creating a new hanging basket for the front of the house. I might have a go at making one myself.

So all in all, a successful day, the next step will be chitting the seed potatoes ready to go into the vegetable patch. I will do a step by step guide to this when we start to do it.


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My gorgeous. And the pumpkin!…Our garden is looking a right state at the moment. After we had harvested our last tomatoes and yellow courgettes we pretty much left the vegetable patches to die back. Our garden is looking a bit scruffy at the moment so today I am going to tidy it all up. One of the exciting things that I will get to do though, is harvest our Halloween pumpkin!!
I’ve also been checking the backs of all my seed packets to decide a)What to plant where and b) When to sow the seeds/ start them off in the conservatory. Today I think we will clear up all of the lovely red leaves that have fallen from our black maple tree and add them to the compost, harvest the pumpkin and remove the leftover plant from the vegetable patch (it is completely smothering the rhubarb crown) and cut back a lot of the overgrown plants dying back from the summer. I also want to now plant out the plants that we originally put into pots on the patio. This may be a bit hit and miss but I would love for them to come back next year in the beds, as we bought plenty of brightly coloured plants this summer.
This summer was a complete trial and I think we did really well, but it would be great for us now to use what we have learnt and grow even more vegetables and fruit for next year. I have big plans also as regards the beautiful flowers that I want to grow from seed next year. The good thing about growing flowers from seed is that you can have a different garden every year!!
Right, I had better get on with it. I will add some photos from today’s work later on!

Update: Well, that was very productive! We have taken some lavender, a begonia, a garden lily and a geranium from the pots that they were originally in and planted them in the beds along the side of the cottage.  We also cleared out both of the vegetable patches and even found some yellow courgettes and some potatoes that we had missed! We also harvested the pumpkin – what a whopper!! Here are some pics….

Yellow courgettes!

the massive Halloween pumpkin!

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Lovely indoor tomato plants!

We planted three tomato plants in grow bags in the conservatory at the beginning of summer and I am pleased to report that they seem to have come along brilliantly. They have grown almost as tall as the ceiling and we have several tomatoes almost ready for picking! Once they are ready I intend to use the tomatoes alongside our yellow courgettes in a lovely tomato pasta sauce that we can freeze and use when neither of us can be bothered to cook dinner! I think we will definitely grow indoor tomatoes again next year!

p.s Sorry about the wonky image – for some reason the photo uploader seems to be playing up.

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Oh my gosh it really has been a long time since I have been on here!!! Well, we have had some successes and some failures over the ‘summer’ (If you can really call it that!!)

The raised bed has come along brilliantly and we have had some lovely yellow courgettes from the courgette plants that we put in  there. Our pumpkin is a MONSTER and is STILL growing!! By halloween it is going to be enormous!We also have some sweet peppers growing on the three pepper plants that we put in the raised bed, I cant wait to see what they taste like, we will try to leave them until they turn red but I’m not sure I will be able to wait that l0ng!!!

The giant sunflowers that we planted grew fantastically for a while but sadly one of them snapped in half when we had the bad rain. One of them is still doing well though and next year we will plant a whole row of these to hide the back of the ugly garage, as they look so cheerful!

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We have some tomatoes!!!! I have had success with both the tomatoes that I gre outside and James’ tomatoes that he put in the growbag in the conservatory!

We have lots of lovely little cherry tomatoes appearing which are beginning to turn red, so we have started to feed the plants with tomato feed (you can buy this from supermarkets and garden centres) and giving them plenty of water.

I cant WAIT until these are ready to eat. I am already dreaming of tomato soup, passata, caprese salads…… yum.

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Our giant pumpkin plant just keeps growing and growing! We had three tiny pumpkins forming on the plant, however I spoke to my friend Paul and he suggested that to get one huge pumpkin it is best to cut off the other seeds so that the plant can channel its energies into growing one large pumpkin instead of several runty ones.

He also said that it is important to put a board or something flat underneath the pumpkin so that it grows into a good pumpkin shape with a flattish bottom so that it can sit on surfaces/the ground (I am assuming such as outside the front door carved with a scary face for halloween??)

I am actually quite excited about this now, despite the fact that it has all but smothered my little strawberry plant, and also the fact that I dont actually like the taste of pumpkin!!

The monster in the making

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…I have to admit, I am not a massive fan of courgettes, but seeing as ours have done so well and are now ready for picking, and seeing as James is such a good cook, it would be a total waste not to at least try them.

James found a really lovely recipe (see below) and I have to say, I am converted!


Here is a picture of our scrumptious tea!

nom nom nom...

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