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So now we have harvested our lovely pumpkin, we have got to decide what to do with the flesh from it, as it seems such a waste to just throw it away.

My sister suggested making a Pumpkin and Harissa soup with the flesh,and then toasting the seeds in the oven. I found this lovely sounding recipe for the soup, which I cant wait to try out (I say ‘I’ – it will probably be James doing this bit, I dont think he would trust me to do it – I have mixed success in the kitchen!!) I will write an article on it as soon as I try it, which will probably be friday! Dont want to carve the pumpkin too soon.

Here is the link to the recipe: http://www.chefrobinnathan.com/pumpkinsoup.html

I also found some great pumpkin carving ideas, these are brilliant! I particularly like the Tim Burton ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ style one at the end!!



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David Austin Roses

I LOVE roses, they always look so beautiful in cottage gardens, and we are lucky to have good soil in our garden which supports rose growth, so I picked up a copy of the latest David Austin roses catalogue this morning and have already made a little wishlist of the ones I would love to buy for our garden. They average about £12 each and you can actually order them online, delivery is around £5. The website is:  http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/searchlist.asp
I love the inventive names that all the different types of roses have, and currently I would love to get one each of the following types (from L to R: William Shakespeare 2000, Apricot Nectar, Tess of the D’Urbervilles). They even have a rose named after Alan Titchmarsh!

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As I think I mentioned, the people that originally owned our house actually ran it as a plant nursery. We are constantly finding new plants popping up here and there, and our rockery is the latest!
Seemingly overnight, some beautiful white and purple cyclamens have appeared from nowhere!!! Apparently they are bulbs, so they will continue to pop up each year, and they have added some lovely colour to the rockery!
I’ve decided that next year I want to fill the rockery with seeds, including wildflowers, poppies and sweet williams. I have also visited the garden centre today and they have some amazing hydrangeas for sale, in vibrant pinks, purples and creamy whites. I would absolutely LOVE a hydrangea bush in the front bed, we saw lots of them in Italy and I think they are so beautiful. The colour that they change into is very dependant on your soil type though, so I am extremely curious to see what colours we would get!

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What a lovely sunny day. Today I am spending my sunday relaxing in the garden, attempting to top up my tan and drinking my new tipple – a liquor from Italy called Limoncello topped up with lemonade!! It is delicious.

Our garden still hasnt quite recovered from the week of unending sunshine last week. This morning we have watered everything about three times but the ground is still so parched that it actually has cracks in it.

Vegetable-wise, we have harvested the majority of our potatoes! The potato patch is now almost clear, so James is going to have a think about what autumn/winter vegetables he would like to grow there next. We are thinking probably more potatoes and maybe some broccoli.

We now have the first little tomatoes appearing on our tomato plants in the conservatory, but the tomato seedlings that I put outside are still suffering a bit so I have drenched them in water and am hoping for the best!!!

The raised bed has gone completely bonkers. The pumpkin plant is HUMUNGOUS and the rhubarb crown is also doing well. We have the first of our little strawberries appearing on our strawberry plant and the yellow courgette plants have the loveliest orange flowers blooming on them. The only things that seem to not be doing so well are my spring onions, but I think I planted these too close together in the first place.

I am now off to pick all our lovely raspberries from the canes and I am going to freeze these to use in some nice summery puddings!

Over and Out!

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I have a new style icon – Pearl Lowe. I am currently completely in love with her new collection of dresses for Peacocks and I am coveting her autobiography, ‘All that Glitters’ as my next summer read! So imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across this article:


What a fantastic idea! And really quirky too! It just goes to show you can use the most unusual things to grow your plants in!

The link to her new summer collection for Peacocks is here:


This is the dress that I currently love(on the left) …

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Andrew Zuckerman

James has introduced me to a fantastic photographer – his name is Andrew Zuckerman and this is his  website: http://www.andrewzuckerman.com/site.html#?dr=0

He specialises in photographs of birds, nature and architecture, and whilst it is not to everyone’s taste I think that some of his work is really breathtaking, go check it out, I have added his site to my blogroll also!

Aaaaaw James bought me his book too, which is completely amazing. Here is a link to it on amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Creature-Andrew-Zuckerman/dp/081098041X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1279986038&sr=8-2

Incidentally, I try to update my blogroll regularly with sites, shops and blogs that you may find interesting and which I most certainly do! Have a browse through them, many are mentioned in my previous posts…

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I’m back!!! A bit jetlagged, suburnt and skint, but back nonetheless! Italy was so amazing, I have got so much to tell you all about, including some AMAZING botanical gardens that we visited, beautiful secluded islands and some fantastic ideas that I picked up that would be really easy to transfer to your own garden.

Whilst I have been away my very talented friend Annie has also designed me a new logo for my blog, which will be making an appearance this weekend!

Tonight I am also going to see my friend Jo and will be taking some long awaited photographs of her new decking and restyled garden!

Now though, I am off to give my poor neglected, heat withered plants a dousing of water, and then I am off for a nap!!! I will update my blog with some new posts this weekend, hope you enjoy them!!

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