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Gardening Prep!

Today is a typical dreary January sunday! To keep myself occupied I have been perusing Amazon to see what bits and bobs I might need for my gardening projects this year.

First up I purchased these Burgon and Ball seedling tray labels:


I got these as last year I tried to use strips of cardboard, but every time I watered the seedlings the labels went soggy!

Next up was a new lovely yellow watering can!


I need a new one of these as last year we stupidly used our old one for weedkiller (we have a BIG weed issue on our drive).  Plus I really like yellow things!!

As we spent quite a lot of money on the garden last year I am trying to avoid spending too much, especially seeing as we have so many tools, pots, seeds and products already! I have been saving plastic dessert pots to use as little planters for the seedlings and our compost should be ready this year so we can use that instead of having to buy bags of the stuff!


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