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French lavender, all gift wrapped

Today I went to my parents’ house for sunday lunch. I wanted to get my mom a present so I popped to our local nursery, which is Grange Farm Nursery in Guarlford, Malvern.  This nursery is where we bought our potato, bean and onion seeds for our first vegetable patch and we have been frequent customers ever since.  I bought a beautiful hot pink azalea from them a few weeks ago and had been meaning to take James down to have a look at their fantastic Timperley rhubarb plants.

I popped in there on the way and found some stunning french lavender plants (the ‘fathead’ variety, ha ha!) which were gorgeous, very lush and with beautiful bright purple, almost thistle shaped heads. Needless to say they also smelt really lovely.  At a very reasonable price of £6.95, I couldnt really say no.

The sales staff at the Nursery are always really helpful and ready to give advice and tips, and the sales assistant not only gift-wrapped the lavender up for free he also gave me the following helpful hints:

1. Lavender like full sun where possible.

2. French Lavender does better in containers than in the ground and should be moved indoors during the winter months.

3. French Lavender really benefits from soil mixed with John Innes grade 2 or 3.

My mom loved her plant and I was so impressed with it I think I will pop back during the week and buy myself a couple of lavender plants to put in containers by our patio! Better get some of this John Innes grade 2 compost too while I am at it!!!

Grange Farm Nursery, Malvern


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Today as it rained pretty much all day James and I took ourselves to the Ledbury flower festival. I’ve wanted a beautiful big red poppy plant for our garden for AGES but by the time I had gotten round to buying some seeds it was a little too late to sow them.  There was a fantastic flower stall under the Market House in the town centre of Ledbury, selling sunflowers, poppies, dahlias, fruit and vegetable plants as well as lovely cut flowers. I didnt catch the garden centre’s name who were supplying them but their prices were very reasonable,  so we treated ourselves to a beautiful sunburnt orange dahlia and a bright red poppy plant. I checked both plants to ensure they had healthy roots – to do this simply take the plant out of the pot and see how the roots have formed – if there are plenty of white shoots which can be easily seperated out then this is a good sign of a healthy plant.  So £5.50 lighter but very happy, we took ourselves off home.

On the way home I had to pop into Morrisons. This is never a smart move as at the moment I dont seem to be able to help myself – I ALWAYS come back with a plant along with the food shopping! The reason for this is Morrisons seem to have a great selection of plants, climbing plants in particular, and all of ours that we have bought from Morrisons have done very well in  our garden. This time I bought a beautiful pink climbing jasmine plant for the princely sum of £1.67!

So lets hope that the weather tomorrow is good so that we can plant these out!

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