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Ivy hanging basket

I have always really loved ivy, I think it looks fantastic when it grows up the fronts of houses, but apparently ivy can become very rampant and can get inside the bricks, causing some structural issues. I really wanted to include ivy in our garden, particularly as it looks very festive and christmassy (I know, I know, it is far too early to be thinking about things like that!!).
My friend Lisa suggested using ivy in a hanging basket instead, as the ivy trailing over the sides gives a fantastic effect. I had a spare plastic hanging basket from earlier in the summer (when ours got completely baked in the sun whilst we were away on holiday) so we filled the basket with john innes compost. i bought three small ivy plants from our local nursery for £1.50 each and put these in the basket, being careful to give them enough room, as ivy grows very quickly. Here is a photograph of the finished article, I will be taking photographs and tracking its progress!


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I have been meaning to write a post on the two Heuchera plants that my Uncle gave to me, however it has literally taken me the best part of two days to find out how to spell its’ flipping name!!! I tried Hookarah, hookah (no!), hucarah, and do you think I could find it?? No.

Heuchera plants arent particularly spectacular but they do have lovely leaves. The variation that my Uncle gave me are called ‘starry night’ and they have purpley red leaves which have an almost metallic sheen to them.

Heuchera are really good plants to use as foliage, so to act as a nice backdrop to your more colourful flowers and plants.

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