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Planting the bulbs!

This morning we spent an hour planting our bulbs!

We read in our Royal Horticultural society book that it is recommended that you actually plant the bulbs in pots then when they begin to come through you can then transplant them from the pots into the ground.

We have decided to put our tulip and hyacinth bulbs in the now empty raised bed,as it is great soil in there and having the vegetables in there first will have really enriched the soil. We will cover them over with a cloche during the winter’s frosts and then when they have popped up, flowered and then finished,  we will move the bulbs into the flower beds!

Once the tulips begin to come through, I can then start off the seedlings of the vegetable plants. This kind of swapping over of plants and vegetables really does wonders for the quality of the soil.

I cant wait until their little shoots appear next year!


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Feeding the Birds!

My mom has been on at me for the last couple of months, telling me that I need to get some new bird feeders. Apparently it is very important to encourage birds into your garden as they get rid of ‘pests’. I am assuming she means bugs that eat your vegetables and flowers, as opposed to James, for example 🙂
So on my little trundle around Focus I picked up this very swanky (well, kind of) bird feeder and a big bag of bird feed.
They better appreciate it!!!

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Bulbs Bonkers!!

On my lunch hour today I had a little mosey into Focus Do it All in Newport. I was actually trying to find some outdoors lights (snooooooze) but I noticed that in the middle of the shop they had a big wooden stall selling bags of bulbs, 3 for £5!
I dont know why, but I hadnt really thought about planting bulbs in our garden, which is silly really as bulbs pop up without fail every year (hence, they are low maintenance in my eyes!) and they are mega cheap. Plus I get to actually plant them NOW, when I had all but given up hope of finding something to do in our garden!
SO, after running it past the Financial Director (James!) I purchased FOUR different types of Tulip, some ‘Sparaxis’ (harlequin variety – lovely star shaped flowers with multi coloured centres) and some hyacinth bulbs.
Tulips are one of my favourite types of flowers, and I am such a sucker for exotic sounding names, so I went for ‘Queen of the night’ (dark purpley black), Hollywood (frilly edged bright red), Little Beauty (a ‘botanical’ variety whatever that means – lovely red star shaped blooms with purple centres) and a bag of ‘mixed’ (basically traditional tulips in different colours)

I am going to spend my saturday morning planting these and I am SO excited about it. Bulbs are a great idea if you want some spring flowering plants and you want to feel like you are actually making some progress on your garden through the winter months. For spring flowering bulbs, plant in the ground between August and December for flowers the following spring.


Here is a photo of my purchases


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