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Thai Garden Vegetable Curry!

Having harvested the green peppers, tomatoes, yellow courgettes and potatoes from the garden, it occurred to me that whilst we have a good little haul here, there really isnt enough of any one vegetable to make a meal from, and theres only so much homemade vegetable soup that we can make!

James and I have been trying to be a little more healthy these days and so I scoured my Slimming World cookbook and came up with an idea: Thai Garden Vegetable Curry! This is really a take on a classic chicken curry recipe that I found in there but with a bit of a thai twist:

Healthy Thai Garden Vegetable Curry

Three yellow courgettes, peeled into shavings (its the only way I can eat courgettes!)

Four potatoes

Four beefsteak sized tomatoes

Green or red peppers

Fish sauce (nam pla)

Lime juice

Coconut Milk, or coconut cream, depending on how thick you like it!

Two onions, sliced or chopped up depending on how you like them

Red, yellow or green thai curry paste

Rice or noodles to serve

Firstly, peel and chop the potatoes into cubes and boil for five minutes to soften them, a bit longer the softer you like them!

Chop the onions up roughly and fry in a little oil until sealed – you dont want them going brown!

stir in the thai paste and fry for a second with the onions

Add a tin of coconut milk, a splash of fish sauce, and the lime juice

Simmer for five minutes until liquid is hot then cut up and add all your vegetables EXCEPT for the courgette ribbons

Simmer with the lid on for about fifteen minutes, adding the courgettes in for the last five minutes (they dissolve otherwise).

Serve with noodles or with rice.

Nom nom nom!!! Cant wait to eat this for tea tonight!!


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So now we have harvested our lovely pumpkin, we have got to decide what to do with the flesh from it, as it seems such a waste to just throw it away.

My sister suggested making a Pumpkin and Harissa soup with the flesh,and then toasting the seeds in the oven. I found this lovely sounding recipe for the soup, which I cant wait to try out (I say ‘I’ – it will probably be James doing this bit, I dont think he would trust me to do it – I have mixed success in the kitchen!!) I will write an article on it as soon as I try it, which will probably be friday! Dont want to carve the pumpkin too soon.

Here is the link to the recipe: http://www.chefrobinnathan.com/pumpkinsoup.html

I also found some great pumpkin carving ideas, these are brilliant! I particularly like the Tim Burton ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ style one at the end!!


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My gorgeous. And the pumpkin!…Our garden is looking a right state at the moment. After we had harvested our last tomatoes and yellow courgettes we pretty much left the vegetable patches to die back. Our garden is looking a bit scruffy at the moment so today I am going to tidy it all up. One of the exciting things that I will get to do though, is harvest our Halloween pumpkin!!
I’ve also been checking the backs of all my seed packets to decide a)What to plant where and b) When to sow the seeds/ start them off in the conservatory. Today I think we will clear up all of the lovely red leaves that have fallen from our black maple tree and add them to the compost, harvest the pumpkin and remove the leftover plant from the vegetable patch (it is completely smothering the rhubarb crown) and cut back a lot of the overgrown plants dying back from the summer. I also want to now plant out the plants that we originally put into pots on the patio. This may be a bit hit and miss but I would love for them to come back next year in the beds, as we bought plenty of brightly coloured plants this summer.
This summer was a complete trial and I think we did really well, but it would be great for us now to use what we have learnt and grow even more vegetables and fruit for next year. I have big plans also as regards the beautiful flowers that I want to grow from seed next year. The good thing about growing flowers from seed is that you can have a different garden every year!!
Right, I had better get on with it. I will add some photos from today’s work later on!

Update: Well, that was very productive! We have taken some lavender, a begonia, a garden lily and a geranium from the pots that they were originally in and planted them in the beds along the side of the cottage.  We also cleared out both of the vegetable patches and even found some yellow courgettes and some potatoes that we had missed! We also harvested the pumpkin – what a whopper!! Here are some pics….

Yellow courgettes!

the massive Halloween pumpkin!

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