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Lovely indoor tomato plants!

We planted three tomato plants in grow bags in the conservatory at the beginning of summer and I am pleased to report that they seem to have come along brilliantly. They have grown almost as tall as the ceiling and we have several tomatoes almost ready for picking! Once they are ready I intend to use the tomatoes alongside our yellow courgettes in a lovely tomato pasta sauce that we can freeze and use when neither of us can be bothered to cook dinner! I think we will definitely grow indoor tomatoes again next year!

p.s Sorry about the wonky image – for some reason the photo uploader seems to be playing up.


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David Austin Roses

I LOVE roses, they always look so beautiful in cottage gardens, and we are lucky to have good soil in our garden which supports rose growth, so I picked up a copy of the latest David Austin roses catalogue this morning and have already made a little wishlist of the ones I would love to buy for our garden. They average about £12 each and you can actually order them online, delivery is around £5. The website is:  http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/searchlist.asp
I love the inventive names that all the different types of roses have, and currently I would love to get one each of the following types (from L to R: William Shakespeare 2000, Apricot Nectar, Tess of the D’Urbervilles). They even have a rose named after Alan Titchmarsh!

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As I think I mentioned, the people that originally owned our house actually ran it as a plant nursery. We are constantly finding new plants popping up here and there, and our rockery is the latest!
Seemingly overnight, some beautiful white and purple cyclamens have appeared from nowhere!!! Apparently they are bulbs, so they will continue to pop up each year, and they have added some lovely colour to the rockery!
I’ve decided that next year I want to fill the rockery with seeds, including wildflowers, poppies and sweet williams. I have also visited the garden centre today and they have some amazing hydrangeas for sale, in vibrant pinks, purples and creamy whites. I would absolutely LOVE a hydrangea bush in the front bed, we saw lots of them in Italy and I think they are so beautiful. The colour that they change into is very dependant on your soil type though, so I am extremely curious to see what colours we would get!

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Ivy hanging basket

I have always really loved ivy, I think it looks fantastic when it grows up the fronts of houses, but apparently ivy can become very rampant and can get inside the bricks, causing some structural issues. I really wanted to include ivy in our garden, particularly as it looks very festive and christmassy (I know, I know, it is far too early to be thinking about things like that!!).
My friend Lisa suggested using ivy in a hanging basket instead, as the ivy trailing over the sides gives a fantastic effect. I had a spare plastic hanging basket from earlier in the summer (when ours got completely baked in the sun whilst we were away on holiday) so we filled the basket with john innes compost. i bought three small ivy plants from our local nursery for £1.50 each and put these in the basket, being careful to give them enough room, as ivy grows very quickly. Here is a photograph of the finished article, I will be taking photographs and tracking its progress!

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Oh my gosh it really has been a long time since I have been on here!!! Well, we have had some successes and some failures over the ‘summer’ (If you can really call it that!!)

The raised bed has come along brilliantly and we have had some lovely yellow courgettes from the courgette plants that we put in  there. Our pumpkin is a MONSTER and is STILL growing!! By halloween it is going to be enormous!We also have some sweet peppers growing on the three pepper plants that we put in the raised bed, I cant wait to see what they taste like, we will try to leave them until they turn red but I’m not sure I will be able to wait that l0ng!!!

The giant sunflowers that we planted grew fantastically for a while but sadly one of them snapped in half when we had the bad rain. One of them is still doing well though and next year we will plant a whole row of these to hide the back of the ugly garage, as they look so cheerful!

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