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We have some tomatoes!!!! I have had success with both the tomatoes that I gre outside and James’ tomatoes that he put in the growbag in the conservatory!

We have lots of lovely little cherry tomatoes appearing which are beginning to turn red, so we have started to feed the plants with tomato feed (you can buy this from supermarkets and garden centres) and giving them plenty of water.

I cant WAIT until these are ready to eat. I am already dreaming of tomato soup, passata, caprese salads…… yum.


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Our giant pumpkin plant just keeps growing and growing! We had three tiny pumpkins forming on the plant, however I spoke to my friend Paul and he suggested that to get one huge pumpkin it is best to cut off the other seeds so that the plant can channel its energies into growing one large pumpkin instead of several runty ones.

He also said that it is important to put a board or something flat underneath the pumpkin so that it grows into a good pumpkin shape with a flattish bottom so that it can sit on surfaces/the ground (I am assuming such as outside the front door carved with a scary face for halloween??)

I am actually quite excited about this now, despite the fact that it has all but smothered my little strawberry plant, and also the fact that I dont actually like the taste of pumpkin!!

The monster in the making

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Summer Sweetpea blooms!

Hurrayyy! My sweetpeas are finally flowering!!! They look so beautiful! I am so pleased.

These flowers are from a packet of sweetpea varieties (Suttons) which I scattered into the rockery waaaay way back in spring. They have started to flower in the most beautiful wine red, coral, purple, pink, cream and pillar box reds!

Sweet peas can grow tall enough to wind around trellis or canes, but I like how tangly mine look just growing from the ground. I think sweet peas have to be one of my favourite flowers.

Here are some photos of mine!

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