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I have had a fantastic day at the Wave Vintage fayre in Worcester today helping my friend Annie out on her stall and she had a really productive day! I definitely want to get more involved with attending these once I have confirmed my grand gardening masterplan!

Here are some photographs from the day, their website is in my blogroll….


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My lovely Uncle Trevor gave me a present yesterday. My Uncle loves a bargain and is such a rummager, he always finds me lovely pieces of cut glass, vintage brooches and plants that he never has room for in his own garden! This time he gave me a bag full of gardening books that he picked up at his local charity shop!

I ALWAYS find gardening books in flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops, which is funny really because the basic principles of gardening havent really evolved from say, the 70s and 80s, when a lot of these books were written, so gardening books dont really go out of date!

If you are looking for some gardening books, the local library is always a great (free) resource, but I would strongly recommend investigating your local charity shop or car boot sale as you can pick up some great bargains!

I cant wait to get stuck into these, I will put them on my gardening shelf!

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Just a quick note to say that I am attending the Worcester Vintage craft Fayre held at the Guild Hall on the High Street this saturday to help my lovely friend Adrianne out on her jewellery stall. This is also going to give me a great opportunity to research a possible business venture of my own… more on that later!!

The craft fayre has a 1940s wartime theme and there will be classic cars, afternoon tea and cake and 1940s dance demonstrations (think the ‘lindyhop’) as well as 40s style make overs and hair dressing sessions! And this is all alongside the fabulous stalls and sellers who will be displaying their wares for your perusal!

The link to the fayre is in my blogroll (Worcester Vintage Events) so if you fancy doing something a little different this saturday then do come along! 1940s dress optional (but fun!!!)

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My Seed Tin!

A few months ago I created a ‘seed tin’, where I could store any packets of seeds for flowers or plants that I liked the look of in readiness for next year. This turned out to be quite dangerous as I have added to my seed collection quite excessively!

I now have seeds for two different types of tomatoes (super marmande and italian plum tomatoes), petit pois, giant sunflowers, pansies, chantenay carrots, red lettuce, red fiel poppies, a posh wildflower mix from Kew Gardens, larkspur and sweet williams! I intend to use the flower seeds to fill in the gaps in the beds and the vegetable seeds in one of our two vegetable beds!

I get my seeds from lots of different places  – garden centres, supermarkets and also from websites such as http://www.amazon.co.uk and http://www.simplyseeds.co.uk.

Here is a picture of my ever increasing seed collection….

The seed collection

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…I have to admit, I am not a massive fan of courgettes, but seeing as ours have done so well and are now ready for picking, and seeing as James is such a good cook, it would be a total waste not to at least try them.

James found a really lovely recipe (see below) and I have to say, I am converted!


Here is a picture of our scrumptious tea!

nom nom nom...

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Isola Bella

Rarrrr…..damn changeable English weather!!! What I wouldnt give for us to have a lovely sunny weekend so we can do some proper gardening work!! Instead I am sat in my living room drinking about twelve million cups of tea slowly working my way through season 5 of ‘The Closer’ (which I am loving, by the way!).

So I thought I would write a post on Isola Bella, a beautiful island in the middle of Lake Maggiore in Italy. We spent  a day here and I was blown away by how pretty it is, but also how completely over the top it is too! The Island is still owned by the Borromeo family and they have a palace here which includes some amazing items and rooms with crystal chandeliers, grottoes and a rather creepy puppet collection!

Here are some photographs….

P.S I will be adding some more posts next week which will include plans for our chickens and some more updates on our garden, lets just hope the weather improves…!

Isola Bella

The terrazzo - bonkers!

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Urmmm….. I am a little bit concerned about our pumpkin plant! When we bought it, it looked like this lovely little harmless plant, and I thought it would be a nice novelty to grow ourselves a halloween pumpkin (have a look at my earlier pumpkin related post).

Well, it is currently taking over the entire raised bed!

Now this really is my fault, as on the label it DID state: Dill’s Atlantic Giant Variety. I’m thinking the ‘giant’ in the title should really have given it away. The problem is, where I naively thought it would only probably produce one large pumpkin, there seem to be the buds for at least FIVE pumpkins on our plant!!!

Plus the plant itself is HUMUNGOUS, it is like the tryphid from The Little Shop of Horrors!! And I dont think we can move it as I think that would kill it!!!

Here is a photograph of our monster!!

"Feed me Seymour!"

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