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We had our first dinner tonight cooked with produce from our garden!!! James raided one of our potato plants, which had provided TEN big potatoes on its own!!! Next we cut some of the rocket which was getting lovely and leafy with a fab peppery taste. James boiled the potatoes and grilled a chicken breast, and voila! There was our dinner – chargrilled chicken breast with rocket and potato salad!

I had read that there is nothing like eating vegetables and fruit that you have grown yourself, and I have to agree – they were completely delicious. The potatoes have a lovely buttery taste and are so soft and fluffy, and the rocket is SO strong and peppery, and you can really smell it!

yum...my dinner!

Here is a picture of our delicious tea, my friend Lisa also sent me a photograph recently of a dinner that she had cooked using their own grown ingredients,she has had success growing broccoli and spinach and steamed it to create this lovely dinner….

Lisa's delicious looking broccoli and spinach


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I am having my OAP moment tonight and watching Gardener’s World, this week they have had a feature on different strains of poppy, and they featured the Ladybird Poppy. I am in love!! They are fantastic – lovely bright red heads with black polka dots all over them!! I am currently researching where I can buy a packet of seeds from and I will be sure to sow some of these in my garden next year!!

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Today I went to see my friends Annie and Paul and their gorgeous little boy Casper. They have been redesigning their garden, which includes moving some fence panels and installing a lovely green framed green house! I took some photos of some of the lovely plants they have growing, as well as some of Paul’s impressive veg, including corn on the cobs and salad leaves. Their garden is not quite finished yet but when it is I will be sure to make more pictures….

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I have been meaning to write a post on the two Heuchera plants that my Uncle gave to me, however it has literally taken me the best part of two days to find out how to spell its’ flipping name!!! I tried Hookarah, hookah (no!), hucarah, and do you think I could find it?? No.

Heuchera plants arent particularly spectacular but they do have lovely leaves. The variation that my Uncle gave me are called ‘starry night’ and they have purpley red leaves which have an almost metallic sheen to them.

Heuchera are really good plants to use as foliage, so to act as a nice backdrop to your more colourful flowers and plants.

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We were sitting in our garden this afternoon when we noticed that on the wasteland next to our house, some beautiful roses had bloomed. Trouble was, they were being completely strangled by all the horrible weeds and brambles that had grown into them! I decided that it would be a waste for these roses not to be seen, so I decided to take some of them as cut flowers.

They are absolutely beautiful, I have never seen roses as big as these!! Here are some pictures:

Me and some lovely buttery yellow blooms

My attempt at flower arranging!!

... I had one spare!!

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Today has been a total scorcher!! So after we had watered the entire garden about three times we decided to take a visit to the nursery down the road to get some little plants for our garden.

James rebuilt the old rockery that had been in the garden, and he has spent most of the spring moving plants, rustling flowers from over the fence and clearing out the plants that he does not like in it. Now we have quite a few gaps, so James decided that we should get some bedding plants to add some colour to the rockery.

We chose some lovely red begonias which were sooo cheap (bedding plants are very very cheap as they only last for the spring and summer).  We also picked two red Impatiens in salsa red (these arent bedding plants so will come up year after year). Moving away from bedding plants slightly, we also bought a fantastic bright yellow dahlia with black stalks!!! It is really striking, so we will put that in one of our pots. I also managed to convince James to buy a lovely fuchsia that I found (I usually achieve this by following him around the garden centre with it until he gives in!!)

Here are some pictures of the newest additions to our garden!


Yellow Dahlia with black stems! Really cool.

The rockery - complete with red bedding plants

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I really really really really like poppies!!! Next year I plan on sowing some of the Flanders red field poppy seeds in my garden (the remembrance day poppy), and I bought a poppy plant from the Ledbury flower festival earlier this year. This is a picture of an amazing poppy that my friend Annie grew in her garden from seed!

Poppies are really easy to grow, you can either buy poppy plants or you can grow them from seed, which seems to work just as well to be honest. It is worth sowing poppy seeds in March to get lovely summer blooms!

Another bonus of growing poppies is when they release all their seeds the seeds get blown by the wind all over your garden, so you end up with lots more poppy flowers popping up next year in unexpected places!!!

You can get all sorts of poppy plants, in all different colours, some even mimic the colours of national flags!!

I am very jealous of Annie’s, it looks spectacular!

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